PortPilot (formerly PortPilot Pro) is an inline USB power analyzer with advanced capabilities.


  • Identifies charger types and their capacities
  • Measures current, voltage, and power flowing from a USB power source (phone charger, computer, hub, etc) into a USB device
  • Operates with normal USB data connected from the host to the device, or with data disconnected (for safely charging devices at public chargers)
  • Measures the impedance of the USB charger/computer
  • Records measurements from PortPilot to a computer┬ávia the auxiliary USB port
  • Optionally disconnects the USB device when a specified current is reached (“Fuse mode”)
  • Two brightness levels for backlight

Using PortPilot


When connected to a charger or computer, PortPilot Pro analyzes the host port and reports the type and amount of power available. PortPilot Pro also indicates what mode it is in (data allowed or data blocked) at the bottom of the screen:


Pressing the button on the front of the Pro unit will change the mode:


When a device is plugged into the Pro unit, the display changes to show the power consumption:



Collect data

Data can be collected from the PortPilot Pro via it’s auxillary USB port. See the Download page for more information.