The utilities on this page can be used with PortPilot and PortPilot Pro to record measurements and make various control and settings changes.

Connect the auxiliary data port on the side of PortPilot Pro to your computer to use these utilities with PortPilot Pro.

PortPilotChart (Beta

PortPilotChart displays a chart with data collected from PortPilot Pro. Note: PortPilotCmd.exe must be in the same directory as PortPilotChart. See below to download PortPilotCmd. LabView 32-bit Run Time Engine is also required.

Download PortPilotChart.exe

Download Labview 32-bit Runtime Engine

 PortPilot Labview example code (Beta

Example code that uses LabView to collect data from PortPilot. Note: PortPilotCmd.exe must be in the same directory as the LabView code.

Download: PortPilot Labview Example Code

 PortPilotCmd (Beta 0.0.9)

PortPilotCmd is currently available for Windows; Mac version coming soon.

Windows download: PortPilotCmd.exe

Mac download: PortPilotCmd


Run PortPilotCmd.exe from a command prompt in Windows. The following options are available:



Option -l will list available devices.

Option -sp0 will disconnect power to the output USB port.

Option -sp1 will connect power to the output USB port.

Option -sfXXX will set the fuse limit to the specified value, XXX, in mA.

Example: PortPilotCmd -sf900 will set the fuse limit to 900mA. Note that this setting will persist after power is removed; to disable the fuse limit you can set to zero.

Option -seEE will set the output emulation mode to <EE> where <EE> is one of the following:

-seA2: Apple 2.1A

-seA1: Apple 1A

-seA5: Apple 500mA

-seD: DCP/Android

Option -r will read from an attached PortPilot or PortPilot Pro. Example:








Option -f will additionally save the data to a file. Example:


Option -c will output CSV formatted data to the console without units appended to the values.

Firmware releases:

0.2.402014-7-7Display status on screen when programmatically disconnected by HID command.
0.2.382013-11-26Fix issue with total energy field in HID data packet
0.2.352013-11-30Correct rounding issue in some display values
0.2.322013-11-01Initial release

Known issues:

Fixed in version
Pro Firmware 0.2.35Accumulated power truncated at 64K when sent to commandline utility.
Pro Firmware 0.2.35Clock is fast
Pro Firmware 0.2.35Due to error in zeroing algorithm, PortPilot Pro may erroneously display "2mA" with no load.


PortPilotCmd Beta 0.0.6, 2013-12-2:

Add new commandline option ‘d’ to specify the device serial number to open. Example:

PortPilotCmd.exe -d238523035333FFFFD0FFC1002100 -r5

will attempt to open the device with serial number 238523035333FFFFD0FFC1002100 and read from it 5 times.

PortPilotCmd Beta 0.0.5, 2013-11-21

Add new commandline option -c to output CSV to console without units appended. Bug fixes.

PortPilotCmd Beta 0.0.4, 2013-11-18

Added support for controlling output power, fuse limit, and output emulation from PortPilotCmd.

PortPilotCmd Beta 0.0.3, 2013-10-25

Fixed formatting issue in output report

PortPilotCmd Beta 0.0.2, 2013-10-25

Initial version with support for data logging from PortPilot and PortPilot Pro.