Mooshimeter Bluetooth DMM brief review

We were excited this week to receive our Mooshimeter , an innovative Bluetooth-enabled pocket-sized multimeter with some impressive specs and cool features.


Packaged nicely in a sturdy, practical zippered case, the Mooshimeter comes with 3 standard multimeter leads of decent quality. Why 3? One of Mooshimeter’s innovative features is that it provides simultaneous measurements of both voltage and current — more on this later.



Instead of a display, the Mooshimeter’s data is sent via Bluetooth 4.0/BLE to your Android or iOS device. We tested the Android app, which was easy to install and quick to set up with our Mooshimeter.

Screenshot_2015-02-05-21-56-55 Screenshot_2015-02-05-21-58-12 Screenshot_2015-02-05-22-06-22

According to the manufacturer, the Mooshimeter uses the savings from forgoing the usual DMM display and controls to splurge on a high-performance 24-bit ADC with simultaneous sampling of two channels. How are the specs? We did a few quick tests pitting the $119 Mooshimeter against a Fluke 289 ($599 at DigiKey).

Measuring a quiet DC voltage provided by an alkaline battery, the Mooshimeter compared well to the Fluke:


Measuring a 0.01% tolerance 1000 ohm resistor with 200ppb TCO, the Mooshimeter was significantly more accurate with a -0.03% error versus the Fluke’s 0.36% — though to be fair the Fluke hasn’t been calibrated recently.

Fluke_1K_meas Moo_1K_meas

Because the Mooshimeter has two channels of simultaneous data collection, lots of cool things are possible that you can’t do with a standard DMM including IV measurements, power, and phase measurements. The Mooshimeter has a micro-SD card slot, and can be configured to log measurements to the card for long periods of time.

To summarize our initial impressions, the Mooshimeter provides a wealth of cool features along with precision measurements, in a sturdy, novel form factor at a reasonable price, which in many common applications promises to replace two more expensive DMMs.

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